Para el control y erradicación de plagas que causan enfermedades:
• X-Pert® Compression
• Fog® Propane Fogger
• Golden Eagle
• Super Hawk
• Black Hawk
• Porta Pak
• Bomba Rociadora Manual
• BAK-PAKŪ Duster Sprayer y Nebulizador
• BAK-PAKŪ Power Sprayer Portable
• Power Trigger
• Bak-Pak®
• Industro 3.5G Pulverizador
• Super Hawk

The Superhawk  is the machine of choice by Health Ministry Professionals, Mosquito Control Departments and Disease Control programs. its light weight and ability to produce large volumes of fog make the Superhawk  ideal for use in both local and remote areas. Built to rigid quality standards and backed by more than fifty years in the disease control business, the Superhawk has proven to be an essential part of any program where performance, simplicity and reliability are required.

  • Weighs less than any machine of its size in the world.
  • Can be started from a variety battery sources.
  • Patented fuel priming system eliminates need for pressurized fuel tank.
  • 12 volt starting system ensures reliable starting even when battery power declines!

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